"He has sent me to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives... to set at LIBERTY those who are oppressed" [Luke 4:18]


What is going on around the world? Why is this an important issue of our generation?

Contrary to popular opinion, human slavery is not just a chapter in history books. Today, approximately 27 million children, women and men around the world are living in the oppression of slavery, predominantly for sexual and labor exploitation.

Closely tied to the issue of slavery is human trafficking, through which people are typically forced into slavery. It is the second largest organized crime globally, generating ~$31.6 billion USD a year, with ~$27.8 billion USD coming specifically from sexual exploitation (source: a21campaign.org)

At Harvest Mission Community Church, human slavery is an issue that has gradually come onto our radar over the years, whether through our visits to global cities where traces of slavery were evident, or through documentaries such as “Call and Response” and “Nefarious.” Most recently, God has revealed how He is moving in churches all around the world to combat this issue. We are learning that the issue of slavery is so close to His heart because He is a God of justice, compassion and freedom. We want to respond in obedience as a church as God challenges us to take a stand, put our faith into action, and fight for the freedom of His children around the world.

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