"He has sent me to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives... to set at LIBERTY those who are oppressed" [Luke 4:18]


What are we trying to do? How are we going to accomplish the mission?

We understand that global slavery is an immense issue that we cannot tackle on our own, and that there are already many individuals and organizations that have been working tirelessly to combat slavery and human trafficking.

Our 5-Step Strategy for Involvement:

1)  AWARENESS - We are committed to raising our own awareness and that of others in order to gather an army of abolitionists. We realize that a large part of the problem is that people have no idea that slavery is a current global issue. Once people become aware, we pray that they will join the fight for freedom.

2)  ASK - We are committed to seeking God’s heart and direction for our church regarding our involvement with these global issues. We know we cannot fight this war on our own; we need the leading and power of God to direct us.

3)  ASSESS - We are committed to assessing the complex issues surrounding slavery and human trafficking. In order to effectively combat these global problems, we need to educate ourselves and understand how they play out locally and globally.

4)  ACT - We are committed to taking action. James 2:17 says, “faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” As God opens our eyes to the suffering of slaves around the world, we pray that we will raise up people who will put their faith into action.

5)  ADVOCATE - We are committed to advocating for the freedom of God’s people who are bound in slavery. Whether it is advocating for transformative laws to be passed, or for justice for the oppressed, we know there is a great need for advocates who will be the voice for those suffering in silence.

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